September 14, 2016

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Alma Latina Dance Company was founded in Tijuana in 2005 by Gabriela Equiz  and quickly received awards and recognition around the World for its unique style and the quick and significant improvement that all its students showed.

The dance company has been expanding consistently over the years as students from all over Southern California and Northern Baja California have contacted Alma Latina to request training opportunities.

They have had presentations, teaching and exhibitions congresses in many cities of USA like Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, etc. and many countries; Germany, Canada, Sweden, Japan, Africa, Scandinavia and lately in Denmark and India, and brought the admiration of all participants.

Gabriela Equiz began training as a dancer when she was 4 years old. She studied Ballet and flamenco in the best schools in Mexico City, Tijuana and Los Angeles. As an adult, she made a career in Electronic Systems Engineering in the city of Tijuana and later she enrolled into a masters program in Robotics. While she lived in LA, attended an audition that led to a recording contract to sing in an international quintet “i5” and go on tour opening concerts by artists such as Britney Spears and ‘N Sync, among others. At the same time, also in Los Angeles met the world of salsa and it was then that she fell in love with this kind of dancing.

In 2004, Gaby returned to Tijuana and opened an Academy of Performing Arts, like the one she attended when she was a little girl (Milton Gio Academy) in which she could lead children wishing to develop their artistic abilities.

Currently, Gaby is one of the most recognized female dancers in South California and Mexico.
Currently is 1st place in Latin Dance championships , Univision 2009.

A founding General Director of Alma Latina Global, Gaby Equiz is one of the power women in Salsa.  Gaby led Alma Latina’s explosive growth including dozens upon dozens of World Championship titles since 2005.  Today, the reach of Alma Latina Global includes an estate of over 40 franchise operations spanning five continents.

The complexity and precision of the Alma Latina choreography combined with Gaby’s unique styling is revered and coveted by the Salsa community.   Alma Latina is Family, it’s far more than competitions and trophies, it’s a dynasty that is promoting Latin dance around the worth with, as the name implies, “Latin Soul”.

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